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Residential Division
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If you demand performance, look no further. The EcoWater Conditioner is such a strong performer that it is the industry standard.

Water Softeners

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We inventory and install reverse osmosis water treatment units for high-quality, purified drinking water at your fingertips.

RO Drinking Water Units

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Our air-aspirated iron filtration units (ETF AIV) are capable of removing 15+ parts per million of iron. CLICK HERE for more info.

Iron Filtration

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Water softener or ice control salts can be delivered right to your door or softener.


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Canney's Bottle Water Division is ready and eager to deliver high-quality, purified water to your home or office, on a regularly scheduled delivery program.

Bottled Water

Residential Products
We inventory several water softener units for usage in the Michiana area. These units vary in size do to the variation of hardness and iron in the raw supply in this area. The minimum capacity of our water softener equipment is 30,000 grains (one cubic foot of resin) and increase in size of to a full 70,000 grains (2.3 cubic foot of resin). The valve ports for residential units are 1" to 1 1/2", depending on the size of the feed line, house size, and number of people living in the home. Flow rates range from 9gpm to 16.5 gpm. Several factors are taken into consideration when our representatives work with you to determine the correct size of the unit for your specific needs.

Cutting-edge technology!
Think your unit is not working up to par? Need service? Get a detailed analysis of your unit's condition and operations by using a diagnostics by phone connection, right from your home. This is made possible with the EASE report - the Electronic Automated Service Evaluation system has a remote sensor that will even tell you if your unit is getting low on salt. This top-of-the-line ECR 3502 unit is available in five different sizes with 1" or 1 1/2" ports for high flow and low pressure drop. Additional models are also available in various sizes with different options.

Some of our single resin vessel units have two types of resin. This provides extremely high capacity with respect to iron removal (up to 8 parts per million ferrous iron in solution). The seven cycle valve provides double backwash during regeneration process for excellent and efficient resin cleaning along with up-flow flow brine, for the highest exchange process resulting the most efficient salt usage of any unit on the market. The valves have two moving parts, which greatly reduces the need for repair service.

We also carry systems which have two resin vessels which operate in an alternating fashion with metered controls. These units supply treated water to service 24/7.

For really bad water that has organics, we carry a whole house organic removal unit. This system is used in conjunction with a water softener and possibly an iron filter. This system regenerates with salt, the same as the water softener, so no harsh chemicals are needed. Each of these units is specifically sized to the quality of the water. The quantity of organics needs to be determined by a laboratory test, in order to assemble the correct sized unit.

We offer all of these units for rent and/or purchase.