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Water Softener - Residential

If you demand performance, look no further. The
EcoWater Conditioner is such a strong performer that it is the industry standard. The EcoWater Conditioner is more than a water softener and more than a water filter. It removes hardness and sediment in your water. It uses a reliable, electronic demand control that monitors the amount of water you use and prompts system regeneration based on actual and future usage predictions. EcoWater's exclusive Regeneration Process recharges the unit for perfectly conditioned water, using less salt and water than other models in its class.

State-of-the-art digital demand electronics
Convenient to operate, easy to service, and programmable in English, French, or Spanish.
The digital demand clearly displays the time, flow rates, the regeneration time, the hardness setting, whether the unit will recharge in the next 24 hours, and other helpful information. It also has a unique electronic capacity bar, which shows you precisely how much capacity is left in the system at any given moment with menu-driven programming; the user options can be set at the touch of a button. The EcoWater Conditioner is designed to require a minimal amount of attention from you - and even less from a service technician.
With EcoWater's exclusive and advanced electronics, you can save time and money by continuously monitoring the status of your water conditioner.

The remote monitor flashes to alert you when salt or service is needed, ensuring that you and your family have clean, conditioned water available when you need it. The diagnostic information provided will assist the service technician in evaluating how your system is working.
RO Drinking Water Units
We inventory and install reverse osmosis water treatment units for high-quality, purified drinking water at your fingertips.
Salt Delivery
Don't pull your back out of place by moving bags of salt around. Let our drivers deliver your water softener salt right to your unit, on a regularly scheduled route.
Iron Filters
Our iron filtration units are capable of removing 15+ parts per million of iron. One unit does not use any chemicals, while the other uses Potasium Promaginate. These units will also remove hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg odor) from well water supplies.
These units are available for rental or purchase.

Do you already have a water softener, reverse osmosis drinking water unit or iron filter in your home? Are they working to your satisfaction? If you don't know or are not sure, call us for a repair service call. We will test the water and let you know if the unit is working. If it is not, we are able to repair most makes of equipment as long as parts are available. If we cannot fix it, there will be no charge for the service call.
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