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Water softener or ice control salts can be delivered right to your door or softener.
Ice Control Salt
Rock Salt
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Salt Delivery
Don't pull your back out of place by moving bags of salt around. Let our drivers deliver your water softener salt right to your unit, on a regularly scheduled route.
Salt - Water Softener
Our salt delivery program is available throughout several counties. Salt can be delivered right to your softener. The salt tank will be filled, empty bags removed and a delivery receipt is left at your home. If this is not possible, we can leave salt at your residence. In addition, if you participate in our salt delivery program, you are eligible for discounts on future repairs.
For us to gain access to your home, you can deposit a house key with our office for uninterrupted service, hide a key at your home, leave a door unlocked on your delivery day and we will lock your door when we leave, or you can make other arrangements with us.
We carry three kinds of salt for water softeners. We have high quality cube salt in 50# and 80# bags, mostly for our commercial customers. The bulk of our softener salt is a high quality solar rock salt with a resin cleaning additive, which assists in removing iron from the resin during each regeneration. This results in better resin maintenance for better softening operation. This type of salt is available in 50# and 80# bags, in any quantity you desire.
Salt - Ice Control
We carry two brands of Ice control salt, each available in 50 pound bags. The determining factor is the temperature at which the different salts melt ice.
MYTH: Ice control salt damages concrete.
FACT: The freeze-thaw cycle is what does the damage. Concrete is porous and looks much like a sponge, just harder and more dense. As the ice thaws, the open areas fill with water. When the water re-freezes, it expands and breaks the surface of the concrete. This is called "spalling". It is highly recommended not to use salts on concrete that is not seasoned for three (3) years or on new non-sealed concrete.
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